IELTS 雅思口语笔记 - 1

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IELTS 雅思口语笔记 - 1

Identity Check

  • what‘s your full name, please?I'm 姓名字全拼

  • what shall I call you?绰号or英文名字or小名 u can call me *** if u like

  • (can I see your identification please ?)check下身份证,不一定有了

have u ever done...? yes/no

  • 非常具体的过去经历,时间较近

  • 否定的话 + 原因 + 未来计划

  • 建议yes 有过去时态

    • yes, definitely, speaking of which, it brings me back to the time when I was paying for a brand new apple watch in a retailer shop in my city the other day + 评价心情 when I put it on my wrist, I was surely over the moon!

is there ... in the future?

  • 将来时
    • will/ be going to
    • have been planning = thinking
    • If I had the time/money/chance, I'd love to
    • If that was the case, I'd be over the moon!


  • be found of sb
  • be into sb
  • be big on
  • be keen on
  • be crazy about
  • have a craving for sth 渴望 很强烈的渴望
  • my thing
  • make sb's day
  • be over the moon


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  • For now, I’m a first(可以是任何一年) year student, studying…专业….at 你的大学名字

  • I quite like my major, because it’s incredibly interesting. (不喜欢可以有一万个理由)

  • Mostly, when I’m at school, I have to learn a lot of stuff, like …….具体例子 including some tasks after them. On top of that, I like to hang out with friends to have fun, in this case, we may choose to play games (任何一个活动皆可)

  • I’m trying hard to get good marks/grades so that I’ll have a great GPA, so when I apply for my master degree, it’ll be really helpful.

  • My dream job is to be a/an……工作头衔, because……..Hopefully, everything will go well.

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Part 2 -A leisure Activity you do to keep fit and healthy.

Speaking of this, I’m going to talk about jogging, which is something I really enjoy doing after a long day, because it helps me relax and takes my mind away from other cares of the day. More importantly, it’s a fascinating sport for me to keep fit.

In terms of how often, well, I don’t mind doing it as often as possible. Personally, I’m really into listening to some music because it can make the run much more enjoyable/less tiring. There are several places I can go for the run, and for me, I often go to the park next to my home.

Other than that, if the weather is terrible, like too windy or rainy, I can’t really do it outdoors, but I can still do it in the gym. For that, I have to get the pass/membership. It’s quite nice to run on the treadmill for about 5k.

As for the result, basically, if I’m talking about my weight, I’ve lost over 10kg since I started at the beginning of the year; at the same time, I like to say, I’m more confident than before when I go out shopping for fashion clothes in a mall.

All in all, to me, it’s an amazing sport, I can do it as an escape from the pressure of study/work and to make sure I’m physically and mentally fit.

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